Making a meal of being angry

A darn good follow up to @MichalaRudman’s blog – A guest blog from Rob Gurshon (@Simplicitly)


A guest blog from Rob Gurshon (@Simplicitly)

Everyone should read Michala Rudman’s (@MichalaRudman) take on #UKHousingFast.

I joked with Michala on twitter about it being such a good piece that I’d give up writing myself because I can’t hope to produce anything that covers #UKHousingFast as comprehensively.  Facing the prospect of offering a few words myself, I still feel the same way.

When I first saw a tweet about #UKHousingFast I was quite angry. This is frequently my reaction to housing-related stories these days. In the wake of welfare reforms and the toll they’re weighing on people who are often tenants of UK Housing, it seemed distasteful to me for housing staff to voluntarily fast to raise the issue of food poverty.

This is because I’m a bit of an idiot. I hadn’t realised that the scope of the fast was to allow those taking part to highlight their…

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