It’s not all about you…

Neil Goodrich

Who I am

Mid-to-late 20s lad from the Midlands, studied social policy and then housing at university before moving to the concrete jungle of Birmingham, and then to the backwater of Worcester.  Currently residing somewhere in a place akin to the middle of nowhere that makes the ‘Shire’ seem cosmopolitan.

What I do

I work in social housing for the most part in performance analysis roles with some comms stuffed chucked in for good measure.  I’m currently a care in the community case for a large, nationally spread, housing association.

Why I got into social housing

Mostly for the fame and glory.  When it became apparent that neither existed in the social housing sector I consoled myself with the fact that I was working for organisations that look to improve the lives of the communities they operate in.


One thought on “It’s not all about you…

  1. Adriana Soaita

    Excellent blog, well engaged and in a powerful literary style! Compliments are easy coming from me, though, as I do share your social/political views. Wish I knew your name 🙂


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